Trademark Owners

JACO Digital works with some of the nations most prestigious brands to help them manage and protect their trademarks on the Internet. We provide three packages to meet your needs no matter what your budget or existing knowledge about gTLD branding strategy.

Option 1 – (Most Basic) gTLD Clearinghouse Registration.

We take your existing trademark registrations and turn them into clearinghouse registrations for flat fee per trademark. Registration helps protect your trademarks from cybersquatting across hundreds of new gTLDs set for launch over the next several years. Without registration you risk spending thousands of hours and dollars recovering domain names from individuals that register them without your knowledge or permission.

Option 2 – (Most Common) Same as Option 1 Plus Strategic Registration Suggestions.

Same as above plus we recommend a collection of the most closely related new gTLD domain names for each of your trademarks. We will register as many or as few as you wish so that you owns them and can keep them for as long as you want for safe keeping. At the same time, because we will register your trademarks with the clearinghouse allowing us to help you keep an eye on the gTLDs that you do not register in the event of any potential infringement.

Option 3 – (Most Advanced)  gTLD Clearinghouse Registration, Strategic Registrations plus gTLD

Our best option includes all of the above plus a personalized marketing report focused not only on domain names but the uses to which your company might put to them. Our marketing and branding experts take your new gTLD domain names and we choose a number of key domains to implement and put to use in conjunction with your existing Internet strategy. This way your company is not just playing defense. You are creating a robust Internet offense, scoring points with customers and against competitors to increase sales, increase market share, and improve your reputation.

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