Why Us

The Problem That We Solve

ICANN is launching hundreds of new top-level domains over the next few years. These include everything from .baby to .work.

This means that anyone may register your brand name or other more relevant domain name(s) and use them as they wish. If you are brand owner shareholders will expect actions to be taken to protect the brand from registration and use of these domains by third parties, which may or may not have a maliciously intent.

The cost to retrieve a rogue domain name registered to a third party can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars PER DOMAIN NAME in legal and arbitration fees with no guarantee of prevailing. Cybersquatters have become very adept at using trademark law to make it difficult, if not impossible, to force the return domains to rightful owners.

The Opportunity

At JACO Digital, with our legal, marketing and branding experts, we see the new gTLDs not only as a protective stance but also as a business building opportunity potentially for new ventures, communications or product lines.

There are hundreds of gTLDs, many of which will have some relation to your brand, no matter what your market.  As an official ICANN approved gTLD Clearinghouse Agent JACO Digital will take immediate steps to protect your brand – RIGHT NOW.

A successful Clearinghouse registration gives you the following advantages:

  • Sunrise Services: Priority access to request registration of domain names associated with your trademark(s).
  • Rights Notice: Anyone attempting to register a domain containing your mark in any of the TLDs will receive a warning message advising them of your claim of ownership. As your agent, JACO Digital will receive a copy of notification and alert client.
  • Claims Services: You have the right to participate in challenges to any decisions made by the Clearinghouse effecting concerning your registration rights.

The Solution

JACO Digital can:

  • File and manage your Clearinghouse registrations
  • Handle preferred gTLD registrations for domains decided to acquire
  • Keep you informed of any attempted registrations by third parties
  • Provide you with suggested registration and use strategies from our Internet Business consulting team (see gTLD Marketing Analysis Report option)

No other Clearinghouse Agent provides a more complete, cost effective and comprehensive service. Submit your mark(s) online or contact us today.