Trademark Clearinghouse Attorney Service

JACO Digital works with some of the nations most prolific law firms to help them represent trademark owners. We provide simple flat rate registration services to meet your needs whether you have one registration or hundreds. We are a one stop shop for the registration and management of your client’s clearinghouse registrations.

Submit. You or your paralegals will ¬†fill out our simple on-line form giving us the information that we need to register your client’s marks with the Clearinghouse. We verify the information with the USPTO, complete, submit and manage the applications through filing.

Manage. Once filed, we work with you, your client directly or both of you, if you wish, through all sunrise periods and we handle the registration of any domains your client wishes to register.

Notify. In the event of any conflicting registration we will advise you immediately so that you may take appropriate steps to protect your client’s marks.

If you like, instead of a credit card we will even send an itemized bill for our services so you have the backup you need for your file.

JACO Digital – Your Clearinghouse Attorney Service