JACOdigital FAQ

1. What does your fee include?Our fee includes everything you need for the your TMCH application and any follow up communications regarding your application. There are no other hidden fees or charges. The TMCH fee is INCLUDED in our total fee. You do not need to pay a separate registration fee as you do with some other agents. Our fee is a flat fee that includes everything you need to submit your application for TMCH registration.

2. What services are included with my registration?

We will assist you in providing us with the documents we need to submit your registration. We will submit your registration application for you. We will respond to any inquiries for you. We will do everything we can to help your application achieve registration. We will obtain your SMD file from the TMCH and provide it to you for your use in any sunrise registration that you wish to proceed with. We will recommend registries and provide links to the recommended registries providing sunrise registration services for the domain that you are interested in. Then after you are registered, we will notify you of any conflicting registrations and provide you with various options as to how you may address it.

3. Do I need to have a USPTO registration to file for TMCH registration?

No. Although it is the simplest way to prove your entitlement to TMCH registration. We can also attempt to show your right based upon common law registration, however, it is more difficult and it will require more documentation of your use of the mark. There is no guarantee of successful TMCH registration with or without USPTO registration however, it is far more likely that your registration in the TMCH will be successful with a prior USPTO registration already in place. For USPTO registration services we suggest InternetLitigators (A JACOdigital Partner) which provides flat fee USPTO application services for a single international class.

4. How long does the TMCH application process take?

Once we have all of the information that we need from you we typically are able to achieve registration within 24 – 48 hours from our application submission.

5. Is there still time to get .Porn and .Adult registration in sunrise.

No. These sunrise registration periods for these two top level domains have closed. However, TMCH registration still provides the benefit of deterrence of third party registration, notice of any competing registration and the right to use additional enforcement mechanisms  in the event that someone tries to register your mark in either domain.