Trademark Clearinghouse Registration

A Key Aspect of Responsible Brand Protection On The Internet

The Internet Is Changing...

Did you know that there are many hundreds of new top level domain names just like .com .net and .org but with newer and more brand friendly such as .bank .mom .store .lawyer & .wine?.

A trademark registration will not prevent the registration of YourMark.New domain names by third parties. That is why ICANN created the Trademark Clearinghouse - to give you the chance to protect your mark on the Internet without having to register thousands of domain names to do so.

JACO Digital is an authorized Trademark Clearinghouse Agent ready to help protect your valuable brand.

One Year



  • TMCH Filing Fee
  • TMCA Agent Fee
  • One Year of Agent Services

Three Years



  • TMCH Filing Fee
  • TMCA Agent Fee
  • Three Years of Agent Services

Five Years



  • TMCH Filing Fee
  • TMCA Agent Fee
  • Five Years of Agent Services

Law Firms

Our service and billing is respectful of your relationship with your clients. We work with law firms across the country to provide the services you need to protect your client without having to become an expert in Trademark Clearinghouse Registration. Our billing invoices satisfy the most stringent of billing guidelines.

Trademark Holders

Most law firms are not registered clearinghouse agents and many use JACOdigital as their service provider to register client marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse. However, we also work directly with trademark holders. If you are a registered trademark holder we can serve as your trademark clearinghouse agent directly.

You must have a registered Federal Trademark First:

Yes! We Do that too!

We work with world class trademarrk lawyers that can register your trademark with the USPTO for a fair, flat rate fee. Registation of your mark with the USPTO is one of the best ways to help protect your mark from unauthorized use. Federal Registration is a prerequisit to registration in the Clearinghouse.*

*Federal registration is not required in all instances. Exceptions may apply.

Federal Registration Benefits:
Searchable USPTO Registration
  • Definitive notice to the world of your claim and right to use your trademark.
  • Right to use ® Registered Symbol
  • Adds credibility to your brand and serves as a warning to potential infringers.
  • Access to Federal Courts for Enforcement Proceedings
  • Federal subject matter jurisdiction to enforce your rights against infringers. 
  • Right to seek monetary damages agains infringers.
  • The right to apply for Trademark Clearinghouse registration.