Trademark Clearinghouse Registration Form

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Registering your trademark within the Trademark Clearinghouse helps prevent others from registering a domain name that matches your trademark. Only trademarks which have also been registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse are eligible for Clearinghouse benefits such as sunrise registration or streamlined arbitration.

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Main benefits of TMCH registration:

1. Warns potential registrants of pre-existing registration and claim to mark prior to registration.
2. Makes client eligible for the Sunrise registration, before the general public, in every one of the registries.
3. Provides notice if others register client trademark as a domain name in any new gTLD.

All Inclusive Pricing:

1 Year Registration – $515.00 per mark (includes $150 filing fee plus $365 agent fee)
3 Years Registration – $810.00 per mark (includes $435 filing fee plus $375 agent fee)
5 Years Registration – $1,110.00 per mark (includes $725 filing fee plus $385 agent fee)(*Recommended)

As an Optional Service – we will issue a gTLD Registration Analysis to identify the most relevant gTLDs which you should consider for registration as part of your strategy to protect your trademark. There will be domains that you never want anyone to have but you. Registering those few is like putting them in your pocket for safekeeping. We will register them for you to hold in your own registration account to do as you wish. This exclusive personalized report is available for $100.00 per trademark

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