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We Register Your Web Properties
List our contact information as your DMCA Agent on your website and with the US Copyright Office
We Handle Your Incoming DMCA Notices
We issue a compliance report telling you exactly how to respond with any relevant deadlines


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What's this DMCA stuff all about?
When you host the content of others...

One of the most important ways to shield your company from liability for copyright infringement by your users
is with proper DMCA registration, web policies and takedown procedures.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides protection from liability in some instances for websites hosting the content of third parties. These DMCA "Safe Harbor" protections are available only where the website complies with certain specific requirements, adopts certain policies and procedures and folloows them correctly and timely. The requirements include the designation of a DMCA Agent with the United States Copyright which is also publicly displayed on your website. This allows rights holders to know where to direct any copyright infringement notice or "takedown" request for your website. 

By designating JACODigital, we can handle the registration and, once registered we recieve and address all takedown notices that you recieve by evaluating the notice and providing a report summarizing the content that must be removed with recoemmended compliance deadlines. If the notice is not compliant we recommend a response as well. Let JACODIgital worry about your DMCA compliance so you can continue to focus on your business. 

JACO Digital is a registered DMCA Agent, qualified to serve as your agent and to evaluate your compliance policies and procedures.

DMCA registration is a comparatively low cost risk management mechanism. The real question is... why would you not take advantage of it?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Compliance Services


$ 19
Flat Fee
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  • Budget option for when you want to serve as yor own DMCA Agent but would like assistance with registration only. 
  • Online Service Provider Registration
  • DMCA Registration Included


$ 35 /Mo
(or 399/Yr)
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  • Designate us as your DMCA Agent on your website or App and with US Copyright Office.
  • 24 x 7 DMCA Takedown Notice Monitoring.
  •  Includes Receipt of up to 10 DMCA Notices each month.
  •  When we recieve a notice we issue a JACODigital DMCA Takedown Evaluation explaining your timing and required response.


$ 560
Flat Fee
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  • Terms of Service Compliance Review 
  • Privacy Policy Compliance Review
  • DMCA Policy Compliance Review
  • Written Attorney Evaluation and Compliance Report with Custom Recomendations and Suggestions.

Not All DMCA Agents Are The Same

Before you choose your DMCA Agent, ask the following questions...

Are there any hidden fees? JACO Digital - No.

Does your monthly fee include a full written evaluation of any DMCA notice received? JACO Digital - Yes!

Does your monthly fee include access to experienced Internet Attorneys to help answer questions about your DMCA notice? JACO Digital - Yes!

What is included in your DMCA Agency Service? See our Terms for full details, however, we are not just a forwarding service. Our service includes a full written evaluation of each takedown notice including a recommendation for response.

Does your DMCA Agent make promises they cannot keep? JACO Digital does not. DMCA registration is a tool that should be considered as only one part of your overall risk management strategy. It is by no means a panacea, cure-all or guarantee that your operations could not still face potential liability - even if properly registered under the DMCA. Be sure that you hire a DMCA Agent that knows the difference.

We take the time to walk you through your choices for DMCA registraiton and explain the process. We lay out your options, setting for the benefits and the associated obligations once your regisration is complete. Only by following the requirements of the DMCA can you hope to take advantage of the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions. Registration itself is an excellent starting point but does not stand on its own. Choose an agent that can guide you through the entire process.

DMCA Registration without a comprehensive review of your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and DMCA Policy leaves your company vulnerable to potential liabilty - even if you are properly registered under the DMCA. Only by having your polcies reviewed can you be sure that you are in compliance thereby further reducing your potential risk associated with hosting the content of others.

Once you choose JACO Digital as your DMCA Agent, for a reasonable monthly fee we will handle all DMCA notices for your designated web properties. In the event that we recieve a takedown notice we do not simply forward the notice to you - we provide you with our exclusive compliance report detailing whether the takedown notice complies with the DMCA and our recommended response. We include the appropriate timelines for compliance as may be applicable so that you know exactly what you need to do to comply with the request.


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