Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services


$ 19 99
  • We Prepare and File Your Registration Application.
  • You may serve as your own agent or designate us for a reasonable monthly fee.
  • Full registration on the Copyright Office "new" DMCA Agent register.
  •  Includes direct link to your custom registration with the Copyright Office.
  • Includes all filing fees.
  •  Phone Support Available

Agent Service

$ 35 /Mo
(or 399/Yr)
  •  Includes 12 Notices per Month
  •  For each notice, we genreate an exclusive JACO Compliance Report for each notice recieved evaluating the compliance of the notice and removal recommendations.
  •  Comprehensive Professional DMCA Notice Management Service
  •  Choose from our Professional DMCA Agency Brand Names
  •  Phone Support Available

DMCA Review

$ 590
  • Comprehensive Privacy Policy Review
  • Comprehensive Terms of Service Review
  • Comprehensive DMCA analysis with exclusive written JACO Digital DMCA Compliance Report
  • Includes recomended changes additions and deletions from existing policies
  • Includes availability of staff counsel to answer questions about recomended changes and additions.
Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services.

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