Professional DMCA Agent Services

We offer full service, professional DMCA Agent services for businesses seeking expert DMCA compliance backed by experienced DMCA litigation counsel.


Verify DMCA Compliance 

DMCA Compliance requires a number of steps including registration with the US Copyright office, display of your agent's contact information on your site, and day to day responsiveness in the event of any DMCA takedown notice. Without any of these, you risk DMCA liability for your website. platform or application.

Designate Us for
Privacy Protection

Maintain your privacy by designating JACODigital as your DMCA Agent so that your personal information does not need to appear on line with the US Copyright Office or on your Website. Not only will this preserve your privacy, but we can help ensure your proper and timely compliance in the event of a notice.

Available Policy

Our exclusive Flat Rate DMCA Review Compliance Report is about the cost of one hour of legal time and includes a full review of your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to determine your DMCA compliance level and recommend further actions.

Available Legal and Business Consultation

Not all DMCA claims are the same. Some present unique issues and risks that can and should only be addressed by experienced DMCA attorneys. Our close affiliation with experienced DMCA attorneys enables direct access consultation on all DMCA and related business issues. 


$ 19 99
  • We Prepare and File Your Registration Application.
  • You may serve as your own agent or designate us for a reasonable monthly fee.
  • Full registration on the Copyright Office "new" DMCA Agent register.
  • Includes direct link to your custom registration with the Copyright Office.
  • Includes all filing fees.
  • Phone Support Available

Agent Service

$ 35 /Mo
(or 399/Yr)
  • Includes up to 12 Notices per Month
  • For each notice, we genreate an exclusive JACO Compliance Report for each notice recieved evaluating the compliance of the notice and removal recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Professional DMCA Notice Management Service
  • Choose from our two professional DMCA Agency brand names
  •  Phone Support Available

DMCA Review

$ 599
/Flat Fee
  • This OUTSTANDING DEAL includes a DMCA review of your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to verify DMCA compliance for less than the cost of a typical hour of legal time most experienced lawyers. 
  • Comprehensive DMCA analysis with exclusive written JACO Digital DMCA Compliance Report
  • Includes recommended changes additions and deletions from existing policies
  • This exceptionally discounted price includes availability of staff counsel to answer questions about recommended changes and additions.
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