Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services


DMCA Agency | Clearinghouse Agency | Branding Consultancy

Risk Management Focused Branding, Marketing and Digital Asset Protection

DMCA Agency

  • Fast & Easy DMCA Agent Registration of the Agent of Your Choice
  • Protect the Privacy of Your Personal Information by Designating JACODigital as Your DMCA Agent. 
  • Professional and Reliable handling of all Takedown Notices and CounterNotices. 
  • Optional DMCA and Privay Policy Review and Comprehensive Evaluation Report to Ensure Your Policies are in Compliance with the DMCA. 

IP Strategy Management

  • Professional Trandemark Registration Consultation
  • Trademark Strategy Consultation
  • Trademark Application & Prosecution
  • Response to Office Actions
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Assignment
  • International Registration Management

Trademark Clearinghouse and Doman Name Agent

  • Additional Layer of Protection for Registered Trademarks
  • Domain Name Transactions

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