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Keep Your Contact Info Private

The DMCA requires you to list your contact information  on your website and make it publically available at the US Copyright Office. Keep your contact information privae while remaining in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by designating JACO Digital.

Professional DMCA Handling

JACO Digital is operated by business and corporate DMCA lawyers with over 3 decades of privacy and compliance experience including DMCA compliance. Upon receipt of a notice we issue a compliance report detailing your recommended response and required timeline.

Privacy Policy Compliance Review 

In order to comply with the DMCA and take advantege of the Safe Harbor Provisions of the DMCA you are required to address required provisions in. your privacy documents. We offer an optional flat rate policy review and custom written report with specific compliance recommendations.

Leverage 3 Decades of Experience

In order for online service providers, hosting the content of third parties on their platforms, to avoid liability to copyright owners when customers of the platform post content that belongs to the third party,  Online Service Providers are permitted to assert the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions in defense of such a claims as long as they register a DMCA agent with the United States copyright office in advance and fulfill a number of other technical compliance and notice handling requirements. Only then can these platforms assert the DMCA safe harbor provisions as a defense to such a claim. JACO Digital provides a complete registration and implementation service to assist your company with your DMCA complaince needs and help to manage your DMCA response once you are in compliance. With JACO Digital you are leveraging over two decades of DMCA legal compliance experience, toward proper DMCA risk management by you team while supporting your dedication to the protection of intellectual property rights.

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Our mission ...

Facilitate dependable DMCA compliance without the legal bill.

Our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers created JACO Digital to make DMCA compliance simple, straightforward and cost effective without the need to retain the services of a law firm unless and until the time is necessary to do so.

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