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What is a DMCA Agent and Why Do I Need One?

Keep Your Contact Info Private

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is crucial for protecting intellectual property rights online. In order to take advantage of the safe harbor provisions, website owners must disclose contact information for their DMCA Agent to receive copyright infringement notices and register this information with the US Copyright Office.

To comply with the DMCA while safeguarding your privacy, designate JACO Digital as your DMCA agent. In this role,  we will receive any  infringement notifications on your behalf, and provide you with our comprehensive recommended response, including recommended time frames, thereby expertly fulfilling your DMCA legal requirements without exposing your personal details.

Benefits of Designating JACO Digital as Your DMCA Agent:

When you sign up with JACO Digital, we handle the entire registration for you and become your designated agent with the US Copyright Office, so that our information is displayed at the Copyright office and you may then display our information on your website for this purpose as well.

It's crucial to keep this information current with the US Copyright Office to maintain compliance so we also handle your renewals, updated with any new information in the interim.  Designating JACO Digital as your DMCA agent helps ensure your legal compliance while preserving your privacy online.

JACO Digital is a convenient, one stop practical solution to meet all of your DMCA obligations, safeguarding your privacy and ensuring compliance with copyright laws. Empower your online presence with JACO Digital's expertise and reliable service in DMCA compliance. Our team's extensive experience and professionalism helps to manage your risk of inadvertent contributory infringement by assisting you in  navigating the complexities of the DMCA effortlessly.

Furthermore, our strategic partnerships and innovative approaches bolster your digital security, providing proactive measures against potential copyright disputes. We believe in proactive education and provide resources to empower businesses and creators to navigate digital copyright challenges confidently.

We Handle Your DMCA Notices

You focus on running your company and let us stay up to date with the latest DMCA compliance requrements and handle your incoming notices professionally and properly. With JACO Digital you have a team of DMCA lawyers to handle your notices at a fraction of the cost.

Upon receiving a notice, we provide a detailed written DMCA compliance report outlining your options for response and response timelines.

After handling DMCA compliance for many clients at an hourly rate, we became so efficeint at handling notices that we developed JACO Digital as a one stop shop for all things DMCA for a reasonable monthly fee without the need to pay law firm rates. We identified the need fpor a reliable, professional and cost effective service and created JACO Digital.

Like Having your Own Team of Lawyers

JACO Digital empowers clients to preserve their right to use available safe harbor defenses against copyright claims for hosted content with expert knowledge to navigate copyright challenges confidently.

Responsive Service

JACO Digital ensures prompt notification of DMCA notices, together with our proprietary compliance report on each notice, thereby safeguarding your online reputation and the intellectual property rights of IP rightsholders. We are also known for our customer oriented service - you can reach us when you call.

Commitment to Privacy

Your company details remain confidential by designating us as your DMCA agent, complying with regulatory requirements. You post our information on your website and we register our information with the US Copyright Office so your data remains private. We recieve your notices, and who better than the team that knows just what to do with them - JACO Digital.

Leadership in Innovation

JACO Digital pioneers innovation in DMCA compliance, investing in technologies to address digital copyright challenges.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Based in the US, JACO Digital serves clients globally, adapting strategies to comply with diverse regulatory frameworks.

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JACO Digital safeguards your intellectual property rights with integrity. Choose us for personalized guidance and proactive strategies.

Partner with JACO Digital to elevate your DMCA compliance and protect your creative endeavors and business interests.

DMCA Compliance Review 

Understanding DMCA Compliance and Safe Harbor Provisions

In order to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and take full advantage of its Safe Harbor provisions, website owners must disclose their DMCA agent contact information. This ensures copyright holders can report instances of alleged infringement easily.

Benefits of Designating a DMCA Agent

Compliance with the DMCA requires designating a DMCA agent to receive notifications of claimed copyright infringement. This streamlines handling claims and demonstrates commitment to intellectual property rights.

Optional Policy Review and Custom Report Service

JACO Digital offers solutions for effective DMCA compliance, including a flat-rate policy review and custom report service. This service provides tailored compliance recommendations at a low cost.

Our policy review examines your DMCA documents for clarity and completeness of agent contact information, ensuring compliance with accessibility and accuracy requirements. This helps identify gaps in your DMCA strategy.

Following the review, you receive a detailed custom report with actionable steps to enhance DMCA compliance. Recommendations are based on legal standards to bolster protection under DMCA Safe Harbor provisions.

Advantages of Choosing Our Service

Why choose our service? It ensures compliance with DMCA disclosure requirements, crucial for transparency and accessibility under DMCA Safe Harbor protections.

Our service offers peace of mind by providing expert insights into DMCA compliance status, tailored guidance, and transparent pricing without hidden fees.

Our team comprises experienced DMCA professionals who stay updated on DMCA regulations to provide accurate advice.

Complying with the DMCA and leveraging its Safe Harbor provisions are crucial for protecting against copyright infringement. Proper disclosure and effective policies demonstrate respect for copyright laws and intellectual property.

JACO Digital's optional flat-rate policy review and custom report service enhances DMCA compliance, offering actionable recommendations to strengthen legal defenses. Contact us to learn more.

Our Pricing is Among the Best in the Industry

It costs less than you think


$ 19 99
  • We Prepare and File Your Registration Application.
  • You may serve as your own agent or designate us for a reasonable monthly fee.
  • Full registration on the Copyright Office "new" DMCA Agent register.
  • Includes direct link to your custom registration with the Copyright Office.
  • Includes all filing fees.
  • Phone Support Available

Agent Service

$ 35 /Mo
(or 399/Yr)
  • Includes up to 12 Notices per Month
  • For each notice, we genreate an exclusive JACO Compliance Report for each notice recieved evaluating the compliance of the notice and removal recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Professional DMCA Notice Management Service
  • Choose from our two professional DMCA Agency brand names
  •  Phone Support Available

DMCA Review

$ 599
/Flat Fee
  • This OUTSTANDING DEAL includes a DMCA review of your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to verify DMCA compliance for less than the cost of a typical hour of legal time most experienced lawyers. 
  • Comprehensive DMCA analysis with exclusive written JACO Digital DMCA Compliance Report
  • Includes recommended changes additions and deletions from existing policies
  • This exceptionally discounted price includes availability of staff counsel to answer questions about recommended changes and additions.
Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services.

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Flat Rate DMCA Compliance Review & Written Compliance Report...  

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DMCA Agent Service:
Leverage Our Three Decades of Experience

If your app or website contains content posted by others, your company is at risk of liability for copyright infringement if that content belongs to someone else. That's why Online Service Providers are permitted to assert the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions in defense of such claims, but only where they first register a DMCA agent with the United States Copyright Office and comply with a number of other technical compliance, notice handling, and timing requirements.

JACO Digital provides a complete registration and implementation service to assist your company with your DMCA compliance needs and help manage your DMCA response once you are in compliance. With JACO Digital, you are leveraging over two decades of DMCA legal compliance experience toward proper DMCA risk management by your team while supporting your dedication to the protection of intellectual property rights.

JACO Digital is owned and managed by licensed internet attorneys familiar with all requirements of the DMCA. In the event of a takedown notice, we provide our proprietary DMCA compliance report to you, detailing your compliance options, requirements, and timelines. If you are serious about your DMCA compliance, trust your DMCA compliance to JACO Digital, the Internet compliance experts.
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Our mission ...

Facilitate dependable DMCA compliance without the legal bill.

Our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers created JACO Digital to make DMCA compliance simple, straightforward and cost effective without the need to retain the services of a law firm unless and until the time is necessary to do so.

What is the DMCA - What is a DMCA Agency?


All steps are necessary for full DMCA Safe Harbor compliance. See. 17 USC ยง512

Footprints in the Sand Step by Step: All steps are required for DMCA safe harbor compliance. For More information see the US Copyright Office page on the DMCA Agent Directory.

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